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Anxiety/Panic disorders

Anxiety problems and associated disorders are among the most frequently presented problems by clients; and the least tolerated.


So what is anxiety? Anxiety most generally is seen as a vague unpleasant emotional state with qualities of apprehension, dread, distress and unease.  Often all we are aware of is that we don't quite feel right. A sense of not feeling ourselves.


The four main triggers of anxiety:


-Lack of control


-Lack of information


Anxiety comprises both psychological and physical symptoms.

For most clients it is the feeling of being out of control and overwhelmed which is most frightening. Anxiety can also engender a sense of isolation as it can be difficult to express. Here are some symptoms and difficulties:  

  • Worrying about the future/catastrophizing

  • Unpleasant bodily sensations (dry mouth/racing heart/sweating/tingling sensations/vision feeling cloudy/blurred).

  • Unable to think clearly, just wanting to get away (fight or flight).

  • Worrying when the next anxiety. episode/attack will occur.

  • Stop doing things we enjoy/Our world becomes smaller.

  • A sense something bad will happen.

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Therapy can help by identifying triggers and underlying emotions which lead to the anxiety and associated disorders. Therefore helping reduce the level of anxiety. 

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