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Bereavement support is the most accessed counselling service in the UK. It involves the loss or anticipated loss of a person/persons we care about.

Grief effects people differently, there is no right or wrong way of how to feel when it comes to grief and its associated feelings. People feel and react differently.

  • Act as if everything is normal.

  • Fear of forgetting.

  • Can feel isolated and alone (this can occur when we feel we can no longer speak about how we feel – feeling like a burden to others).

  • Throw themselves into their work (keeping busy).

  • Withdraw socially and personally.

  • Are easily upset and become anxious.

  • Life feels less certain (can disturb beliefs).

  • Loss of motivation.

  • Worried something bad will happen or someone else close will die (this is very common in children).

  • Become clingy and need reassurance (again, common in children).

  • Can become angry and irritable.

  • Have disturbed sleep.

  • Find themselves okay whilst busy and are overcome when they have time to think and reflect (usually whilst lying in bed or having time to themselves).

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list these are some of the most common feelings and reactions. They are normal. It is important to acknowledge both the positive and negative feelings. Therapy can help you work and explore issues and fears. It can help by allowing you to make sense of what is going on. Over time the above reactions and feelings tend to diminish.

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